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Quote of the Day: Is Jay’s Son the Next Vanilla Ice? | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: Is Jay’s Son the Next Vanilla Ice?

October 1st, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

 Does anybody remember this fool?

MOGOP spokesperson Tina Hervey commenting on the revelation that Democrat Jay Nixon’s son is an aspiring, foul mouthed, misogynist rapper. Just what we need, another young white guy who thinks he’s black!

“Does anyone honestly believe that the Democrat Party or the big-city liberal media wouldn’t fall all over themselves writing story after story if Governor Blunt’s brother had produced a rap album referring to women as “hos”, or if his sister had called the people of Jefferson City which includes thousands of state workers and law enforcement “white trash” or if their “music” included other violent and offensive lyrics?”


Chad Livengood: Nixon’s son is big into rap



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