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Show-Me-Institute Revamps Blog

September 16th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

“Policy Pulse,” a new online resource, provides a quick, convenient and easily accessible way for the public to monitor legislation and news about policy issues. Created by the Show-Me Institute and StateSurge, this new website is designed to give users a panoramic view of public policy in Missouri.


This innovative new tool connects specific policy issues in a simple format. When users submit search terms or issues of interest, Policy Pulse will instantly produce a result page outlining current Missouri legislation pertaining to that search, as well as relevant state statutes, local news coverage, and pertinent Show-Me Institute commentary.


“This new service offers citizens of Missouri a direct link to information about important issues to every resident of our state,” said Joseph Haslag, executive vice president of the Show-Me Institute. “With important elections in November and the new session of the Missouri Legislature in 2009 being the first with a new governor, we are committed to helping Missourians stay informed about all of the important issues in the state.”


The site’s customizable interface creates a unique experience for each user, tailored to highlight the issues they care about. Policy Pulse enables users to track the issues and specific pieces of legislation that they specify, and to contact their representatives in the Missouri legislature. The web site may be accessed by visiting ShowMePolicyPulse.org, or by following the link at the Show-Me Institute’s primary website, ShowMeInstitute.org.




Beyond Freakonomics: Author Steven Levitt Shares Insights at the John Cook School of Business (SLU)/ Show-Me-Institute Upcoming Series on Economic Policy.



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  • 1 calle // Sep 16, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Nice stuff. We need more of this type of info, whenever we need it–rather than having to wade through the state websites and guess at what’s relevant.

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