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Bonus Quote of the Day: “She’s Given Us a Huge Lift” | Missouri Political News Service

Bonus Quote of the Day: “She’s Given Us a Huge Lift”

September 16th, 2008 by MarkTwain · No Comments

“She’s given us a huge lift. Any Republican candidate for Congress who’s in a tough race would love John McCain and Sarah Palin coming into their district and states.” – Sen. Kit Bond

We wholeheartedly agree Senator. We think any candidate, especially say a governor candidate who has been in Congress for six terms and is 15 points down – would just love to have anti-Washington reformers McCain and Palin campaigning for them. Sorry, we’re still dreaming.


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Gateway Pundit: Here’s One Thing That Makes Todd And Sarah Palin Different… Their Home



This is the Obama’s lavish mansion in Chicago:

The $1.6 million Obama home in Chicago sits next to a lot once owned by good friend Tony Rezko. The Obamas bought their home in a shady deal linked to convicted felon Rezko. (CBS2)

Then there’s former Vice President Al Gore’s ark:

Obviously, Gore the carbon offset business has been good to Gore.

Then there is Todd and Sarah Palin’s home:

Todd built the house years ago after the couple married. They still live there today.
Obviously, the Palin family is not your average Washington couple.



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