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“The Source” Clueless on Obama Assassination Attempt | Missouri Political News Service

“The Source” Clueless on Obama Assassination Attempt

August 26th, 2008 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Political consultant Jeff Roe’s The Source blog takes a very uninformed swipe at Barack Obama today. They are critical of Sen. Obama for leaving from a parking garage today instead of waving at supporters. Uhhh, for a blog calling itself The Source, they were pretty clueless on this one.

Yesterday, several young men were arrested – and are suspected – of plotting to assassinate Obama. Police recovered weapons and drugs from a routine traffic stop in Denver. Mr. Obama, I’m sure, has no control over his security. If the Secret Service feels in this climate that Obama shouldn’t be exposed to the public, then he won’t be. No Secret Service bureaucrat is going to risk his career being shattered by having Barack Obama assassinated on his watch. Especially on the week he was supposed to receive the Democrat nomination. You missed it on this one gentleman.


The Source: MOPNS Swings….and Misses



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