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Where is Vance Roy Clark? | Missouri Political News Service

Where is Vance Roy Clark?

July 30th, 2008 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Among the more shocking revelations from the Associated Press article on Congressman Hulshof’s record as Jay Nixon’s employee was his botched handling of the Vance Roy Clark case. Clark, a convicted rapist, was charged with murder but that charge was dropped because Congressman Hulshof was either too lazy or just plan inept and failed to do his job.

Now Vance Roy Clark is somewhere in Missouri. A free man thanks to Kenny Hulshof.

Congressman Hulshof has asked voters to judge him on his record working for Jay Nixon where he said he got all the experience he needs to be governor.

Vance Roy Clark and the four death penalty convictions that were overturned because of Hulshof’s lack of self-control will no doubt affect the votes of the victims in these cases and Missouri voters should think about these cases as well before they vote on August 5.



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