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Blast From the Past Highlights Hulshof’s Poor Spending Decisions | Missouri Political News Service

Blast From the Past Highlights Hulshof’s Poor Spending Decisions

July 11th, 2008 by jjjameson · No Comments

“The Bridge to Nowhere”

Alaska’s Gravina Island (population less than 50) would have been connected to the megalopolis of Ketchikan (pop. 8,000) by a bridge nearly as long as the Golden Gate and higher than the Brooklyn Bridge. Price tag: $941 million. (credit: salon.com)

A June 17, 2004 article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Congressman Kenny Hulshof “has credit card debt that has nagged him for years now and is between $10,001 and $15,001.” Previous reports showed Hulshof’s credit card debt as high as $50,000.

This raises serious questions for an enterprising journalist covering the governor’s race:

1. Does Hulshof really view working Missourians as human ATM’s whose money he can spend on Bridges to Nowhere as he sees fit?

2. If Hulshof doesn’t have the self-control to manage his own finances can he really be trusted to manage ours as governor?

3. Does his work in Washington creating a trillion dollar national debt and voting to send money to frivoulous things like the Maine Lobster Institute and the Muleskinners Hall of Fame mean he’ll pursue reckless financial projects with Missouri tax dollars while gas is at an all time high?

The Governor exercises an incredible amount of control over Missouri’s $20 billion budget. Can we really trust Kenny Hulshof to give Missourians a government that lives within its means since he himself clearly cannot live within his means?


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