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Daily Kos Chastises McCaskill’s Votes | Missouri Political News Service

Daily Kos Chastises McCaskill’s Votes

June 30th, 2008 by jjjameson · No Comments

Liberals just don’t seem to know what they want these days. Barack Obama is all the rage among the progressives because he advocates for “change” and working across party lines, yet our junior senator is criticized by them for not voting enough times with her party! Tells us change is merely a campaign buzzword that means implementing the liberal agenda. From Daily Kos:

The Netroots in Missouri has taken great issue with many of Sen Claire McCaskill’s higher profile votes since we dumped money, time and effort into finally getting a Democratic Senator elected from Missouri.

If you rank the Senators from top to bottom in voting with the party, she comes in at #79, thus, there are 78 Senators with a higher level of voting with the party than Sen McCaskill.

Who might some of these Senators be?

Kit Bond at 86.1%.

Joe Lierberman is at 86.5%.


Give. Me. A. Break.

And even tho she votes most often with Jim Webb, he’s at 90.5% of voting with the Party.

As a former VA resident, there are a lot of demographic commonalities with Missouri in terms of voting patterns. And Jim Webb definitely ran as more of a conservative Democrat that did Sen McCaskill.

And yet, here we are looking at someone who’s not voted the way she ran during her campaign and who can point to JOE FUCKING LIEBERMANN as someone who votes “more Democratic” than the junior senator from Missouri. Read more.



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  • 1 Mark // Jul 9, 2011 at 7:54 am

    Anyone who cannot express himself in a political discussion in a public forum without resort to expletives, receives very little consideration. Is this the moderation of political debate or just a potty mouth exercise?

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