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District for Sale? “Hayseed” Not Convinced Kay Cronkite Waldo Barnes is Genuine | Missouri Political News Service

District for Sale? “Hayseed” Not Convinced Kay Cronkite Waldo Barnes is Genuine

June 18th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Cameron News and Observer staff writer and columnist Bill Arthur, gives us a little insight into why Kay’s campaign is not doing particularly well in rural Missouri:

A View From the Right by Bill Arthur

Kay Barnes is one of us, right? For the past year, the former mayor of Kansas City has been attempting to convince all of us in the Sixth U.S. Congressional District that she is just another hayseed from up here in farm country. I have had Democrats tell me that she really strikes a chord with those sitting around chatting in their bibbed overalls, but I am not convinced that she is most comfortable in that setting.

Be assured, these rustics from the Sixth District are not the ones pouring money into Ms. Barnes campaign chest. In the past quarter she has raised twice as much money ($270,000) from the “Fifth” Congressional District than she has from her native Sixth District. Is our Congressional District for sale?

The Fifth District is entirely composed of sections of Jackson County (Kansas City). Her “sugar daddies” are none other than the operators of the Sprint Center, AEG — $17,300, the Cordish Group, favored developers of the Power and Light District — $8,000, and other downtown Kansas City interests who think Union-alls are a place to solicit campaign funding.

Johnson County Kansas supporters of Her Honor the Mayor contributed another $100,000 in the same time frame. And why shouldn’t they? Aren’t these the people who were on the receiving end of the Tax Increment Financing deals awarded during Her Honor’s two terms in office? Aren’t these the people Barnes sipped champagne with while the Kansas City taxpayers picked-up the bar tab? Read more…



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  • 1 Sailor // Jun 18, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    Kay Barnes seems to have, as Mayor, done her best to help those who now are contributing to her campaign for the U.S. House, make a buck at the citizens of Kansas City’s expense. What interest could they possibly have in electing someone to the Congress? Why would folks in Johnson County, Ks. be contributing to a congressional campaign in rural Missouri? Strange indeed. Who would she represent?

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