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K.C Mayor & Wife STILL Funking Up!

June 6th, 2008 by jjjameson · No Comments

From The Pitch:By Chris Packham

Douchebaguette: It’s fair to say now that Mayor of Big & Tall Menswear Mark Funkhouser and his apparently judgment-deficient bride Gloria Squitiro have lost the previously unquestioning support of The Star’s Mike Hendricks, they need to find a different work arrangement. One whereby he does all his important mayoring without her sausage-fingered assistance and she spends some time at home, presumably screaming at the help in Spanglish. Read more…


The K.C. Blue Blog:Ruth Bates Takes City and Funkhousers To Court

Tony’s Kansas City: Gloria’s Greatest Hits!!! The best quotes from Kansas City’s racist and raunchy Co-Mayor!!!



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