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Statement From MRP Chairman Doug Russell on Barack Obama Becoming the Presumptive Democratic Nominee | Missouri Political News Service

Statement From MRP Chairman Doug Russell on Barack Obama Becoming the Presumptive Democratic Nominee

June 4th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Now that the general campaign has begun in earnest, we’d like to share a few of our thoughts on this year’s contest. As an African American, I am very proud of the achievements of Barack Obama. His story is a remarkable story that is just as inspiring as any we have heard. That being said, this doesn’t make me any less conservative or Republican, but it does makes me even more proud of my people, my heritage, and their accomplishments in this great nation.

I could never vote for Mr. Obama, simply because his views and beliefs border on a socialist paradigm that has long been discredited. As a capitalist and future business owner, Mr. Obama’s anti business, class warfare rhetoric, does not harmonize with my interests – plain and simple. In good conscience, I cannot vote against my economic interests – and let Obama and a Democrat Congress pick my pockets – simply because Barack is a “brotha.” I don’t need a president or Washington politicians to provide me with “hope,” I can provide that on my own thank you very much.

Mr. Obama’s stated naivete in dealing with dictators and our enemies abroad scares the hell out of me too. I have heard it said that an Obama presidency would be similar Jimmy Carter’s – except on steroids! Although I wasn’t alive, Carter’s presidency has been described as a period of malaise, weakness, and American decline. With that being said, there will be plenty of material for the Party and McCain’s surrogates to use to defeat Sen. Obama this fall.

My greatest fear is that Republican operatives will follow Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and the rest of conservative talk radio, and take the perceived easy route at defeating Obama. For example, focusing on Obama’s middle name (Hussein), or that he grew up in Indonesia and attended a madrasa as a child. Or, they’ll try and defeat him by targeting his past associations or his wife’s silly comments on race in her college thesis. In an ordinary election year with a white candidate, Obama’s campaign would be over before it began, but of course, Obama is Black, and that’s what poses the biggest obstacles for these attacks. We know the Dems are going to frame these attacks as racist, and with their willing accomplices in the media, they will receive plenty of airtime and newspaper space to air their grievances. My advice: Stick to the issues. I firmly believe that Obama can be easily defeated on the issues.

The Following is a statement from Missouri Republican Party Chairman Doug Russell on Barack Obama becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

While the Democrats finally have a nominee, Missourians know that it will take more than charisma and empty rhetoric to lead America. From his economic proposals to his foreign policy positions, it is clear that Senator Obama is out of touch and does not understand the issues important to voters in Missouri. During the primary season, Barack Obama has continuously called for higher taxes and a return to the failed liberal policies of the past. This is not what we want in our next Commander in Chief. Missourians do not want a first-term U.S. Senator who believes the way to help struggling families and businesses is to raise their taxes. Nor do we want someone with no foreign policy experience who thinks we should sit down and negotiate with the leaders of rogue states.

Barack Obama may not know Missouri, but Missourians know enough about Barack Obama to understand that he is not ready to lead America.



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