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Jay Nixon Busted For Discrimination Against Quadraplegic

May 28th, 2008 by jjjameson · No Comments

By J. Jonah Jameson

Despite his best efforts at keeping quiet and therefore free from media scrutiny, Jay Nixon just can’t stay out of trouble — serious trouble. Thanks to The Turner Report for reporting what the liberal media in this state will not: Jay-Boy is going to pay $26,000 in taxpayer cash for discriminating against a quadriplegic attorney for firing her.

Of course, not only did Jay-Boy cost us 26K for his disturbing behavior toward Marla Grothoff, but he also had three of his top and highly paid attorneys trying to defend him, also at taxpayer expense.

This gets better when you read the settlement agreement between Jay-Boy and Grothoff. Jay-Boy declines to take ANY responsibility whatsoever for his actions and further claims that no harm was done to Grothoff, who is also “barred from ever claiming that she was an assistant attorney general or that she even worked for the attorney general, according to the agreement.”

It is clear that Jay-Boy will dig as deep as he needs to into taxpayer pockets to try and save his already tarnished reputation. I mean, this is the guy who received campaign contributions from Ameren while he was investigating the utility. Jay-Boy also got caught using his taxpayer-financed state vehicle and staff to attend political functions.

The sad fact about the Grothoff case is that only one member of the media has ever written a word about it. The question now is if this case has finally become public after months in the legal and public shadows, has it become news?

The answer is YES. Will Missouri media write about it? The answer is ……

UPDATE: Well, at least the national media is paying attention.

UPDATE II: The Associated Press pays attention.



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