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Fired Up’s Advice to Barnes: “Raise More Money to Get Out Ineffective Message” | Missouri Political News Service

Fired Up’s Advice to Barnes: “Raise More Money to Get Out Ineffective Message”

May 22nd, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Many politicos on both sides of the aisle are scratching their heads this morning. How can Kay Waldo Cronkite-Barnes be losing to Sam Graves? The former Kansas City mayor has been the darling and golden girl (no pun intended) of the Democrats’ Congressional recruiting efforts this cycle.

She has the support and admiration of “Mr. Bi-Partisan” Speaker Rod Jetton. (see video below) The DCCC chairman has flown in to do fundraiser’s, which means she’s one of the top 10 best funded challengers according to Congressional Quarterly. Which brings us to the title of this post.

We’ve seen many times during this presidential campaign season that whenever a candidate said a good line during a debate, won a primary or caucus, or received some kind of favorable publicity, next day internet fundraising went thru the roof. Good news is an easy lure to raise money. FiredUp’s call today for Missouri Democrats to “Show Sam Graves About Our Values” by sending more money to Barnes’ fledgling campaign after her poll drubbing yesterday, speaks volumes on her burn rate, and quite frankly, screams panic.

“He’s even even (sic) taken to using a bizarre, low-production value television attack ad to drive home his crazed point….Luckily, through the miracle of the internets, we have an opportunity to help Kay Barnes continue her strong response to the absurd Graves attacks.”

NEWS FLASH TO LIBERALS: The ad is effective simply because it IS “bizarre” and “low production.” But we digress.

Cronkite-Barnes raising more money to promote an ineffective message – that Missourians in the 6th district are rejecting – doesn’t seem to be a wise use of resources to us.

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