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Hulshof Taking (More) Notes from Fred Thompson Playbook | Missouri Political News Service

Hulshof Taking (More) Notes from Fred Thompson Playbook

May 8th, 2008 by jjjameson · No Comments

By J. Jonah Jameson

From its earliest days, Kenny Hulshof’s campaign has been dogged with criticism that the candidate is lazy and disorganized. Some have compared his candidacy to that of Fred Thompson. In a story in today’s St. Louis Post, Jo Mannies adds to the perception that Hulshof is lazy. Per Mannies:

According to the nonpartisan website, GovTrack.us, Hulshof has missed about 35 percent of the House’s votes in recent months.

This is not uncommon for Washington insiders, actually. Despite the $170,000 salary and the best benefits in the world, Washington politicians frequently skip out on their jobs when the opportunity to run for a more attractive office presents itself. Political Opportunism and DC are close friends. One can only imagine this disregard for the job they were elected to do has some relationship to the record unpopularity of our current Congress. More importantly, however, it shows how insincere Hulshof is about managing the tax dollars of his constituents. WE pay his salary as a Congressman. Yet 35% of the time he can’t even show up to represent our interests. He must assume Missourians are okay with him skipping votes so long as he is playing golf with potential donors or treating them to samples from his extensive French wine collection.

Hulshof should have resigned from Congress or committed himself to showing up for the votes he was elected to make. He did not do that and we know why: He wants to have his cake and eat it too. Mannies and the Democrats may be motivated by politics when they point out the problem, but they are ultimately right on the money: “While hardworking Missourians are showing up for work every day, only to be squeezed in this faltering economy, Congressman Hulshof is continuously failing to punch the clock at his own job.”



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