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Real Journalists vs Bloggers; Real Bloggers vs Cut & Pasters

April 2nd, 2008 by mopns · No Comments


Missourinet’s Steve Walsh is the latest mainstream journalist to wade into the bloggers vs “real journalist” debate. It’s frankly a dead issue to us. Should we really expect the mainstream media to respect what we do when we’re kicking their butts on a daily basis? I think the real question here is: Who are the “real” bloggers and who are the pretenders?

We’re sorry, but getting up early and cutting and pasting headlines for seven years – without making a red cent for your efforts – is not only stupid, but is not blogging. We also don’t consider a website a blog that one, posts infrequently, but when it does have posts, they’re announcements only. We guess there’s a nitch somewhere out there for a Missouri political announcement blog. Good luck with that one!

We also don’t consider a blog a “real” blog if it doesn’t allow readers to comment. What are you afraid of Cut & Paste? What arrogance – or a total misunderstanding of the internet- (we believe it’s probably the latter) to think that you possess the well of infinite wisdom that will keep readers coming back day after day to your site just to hang on your every word. Blogs are popular because they allow interactivity between the writer and their readers. Why do you think most newspaper and news sites now allow comments after their stories.

Here’s Mr. Cut & Paste’s “expertise” on blog comments:

“The people who create, post to, and/or comment on blogs want to feel their efforts have impact. Does your company have a strategy for dealing with bloggers and the people who comment on blogs? If so, how do you let Internet chatter impact your company? Is it constructive feedback or just noise?”

Now tell us. What credibility does “cut and paste” have on this subject when he doesn’t even allow comments on his own personal site? Someone over at the Vandiver Group has really been sold a bill of goods.

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  • 1 Irish Republican // Apr 2, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    Apparently there isn’t enough news with the election, so you try and demean Mr. Combest who does his website because it is something he cares about. I enjoy going to one place everyday to see what is going on in Missouri. Your video is beyond horrible, and it is more like how many of the same sound effects can you fit into 2 minutes. The fact that you really took your time to make such a crappy video shows how juvenile and unimpressive your “reporting skills” have become. Your lack of originality is once again displayed by reposting this video so many times, it wasn’t good the first time and it hasn’t gotten better with age.

  • 2 Irish Republican // Apr 2, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    Thanks for what?? I wasn’t applauding you, maybe you should re-read my comment then come up with a better response.

  • 3 Paul R Schmidt 636.464.9804 // Apr 3, 2008 at 8:52 am

    I recieved an email from a young man sometime in 2001 asking me to look at his website and that I might find it a good resource, he actually took the time to send it to me personally. He was right, I’ve had at least one browser’s homepage set to johncombest.com since shortly thereafter. I’ve never met him personally, but if you want to be kept up to speed in MO Politics, he’s your huckleberry.
    As to him not making any money doing it, well bud, I don’t see any advertising space sold here either, what is your point? Maybe he goes to work after he’s done with his site and makes an honest living.
    I’ve also seen some enterprising young folks talk the talk, take honest money, and party with the other side, laughing about who’s paying the bills. Next chance I get I’ve got to meet this Combest guy.

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