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MRP:Nixon Attack Dog Pleban Tries Case in Media, Sticks Bill with Taxpayers | Missouri Political News Service

MRP:Nixon Attack Dog Pleban Tries Case in Media, Sticks Bill with Taxpayers

March 17th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

JEFFERSON CITY _ Jay Nixon attack dog Chet Pleban’s desperate effort to promote the cause of a partisan political panel with legal threats has more to do with Nixon’s politically-motivated witch hunt against a candidate who is no longer running for office than access to government records.

Pleban, Nixon’s designated hatchet man on a Democrat-dominated panel investigating the governor’s office, has been freely speaking to the media in a tabloid-inspired political witch hunt orchestrated by Nixon, who has twice caved in to requests by Pleban for more time to complete the panel’s partisan mission, demonstrating without a doubt that Nixon is pulling the puppet strings.

“Chet Pleban was hired at taxpayer expense as Jay Nixon’s legal attack dog and true to his reputation Pleban is trying to make his case in the media to satisfy Nixon’s political obsessions by threatening to pick pocket taxpayers further with legal hysterics,” said Paul Sloca, communications director for the Missouri Republican Party. “This so-called independent investigation is nothing more than a partisan witch-hunt carefully orchestrated by Jay Nixon against a candidate who is no longer a candidate. Any way you slice it this is a big waste of taxpayer time and money.”

The Missouri Republican Party has proven that the two other members of the three-member panel are self-professed Democrats, and Pleban’s close relationship with Nixon proves he has no objectivity in the matter. Nixon, meanwhile, has spent the last four months and thousands of dollars ignoring a Missouri Republican Party request for his emails which will show to what extent Nixon has used his publicly-financed office for political purposes.

Nixon, of course, has shown how willing he is to use public resources for his own political gain. Nixon has admitted taking $19,100 in political contributions from Ameren while he was investigating the utility and using state resources and staff for political purposes to the tune of at least $57,000. In both cases, Nixon only returned taxpayer dollars after he was exposed by the media, if at all.



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