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Susan Montee’s Audit of St. Peters Should Be Investigated | Missouri Political News Service

Susan Montee’s Audit of St. Peters Should Be Investigated

January 25th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Has Montee performed another “friendly” audit for a fellow Democrat?

From Wake Up Call Missouri:

St. Peters is involved in a project known as Lakeside 370. The city began purchasing land for the project in 2000 and has purchased 1552 acres for a total of 9.1 million. Montee reports that the city did not obtain an appraisal on some of the land purchased, most notably 98 acres which was purchased from former mayor Tom Brown’s son-in-law. (Montee did not mention the name of her fellow Democrat Brown but instead said one sale “involved a related party to the mayor in office at the time.”) Therefore, the average price per acre for the land obtained from those not related to Brown was $5,227.00 while Brown’s son-in-law received $15,306.00 per acre.

Montee offers no explanation for the large difference in price per acre and, for the most part, ignores this clear conflict of interest. The GAS provide as an example of abuse the following: Read more…


Jackehammer: State Auditor Wrong or Lying, City of Springfield’s Finance Director Says, “Checks Not a Problem.”



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