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January 24th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

We received this today from a frustrated Jeff Harris supporter:


To: Rep. Jeff Harris

From: Concerned Yellow Dog Democrat

Re: Use your surrogates!

Mr. Harris:

Please accept this advice from a flea bitten, Yellow Dog Democrat that is suffering watching you give “Koster the Imposter” a free ride. I politely suggest that you start using your surrogates/endorsers to remind the Democrats (liberals, African-Americans, and labor -the base of the party) about Chris Koster’s record. Former Gov. Roger Wilson has endorsed your campaign! Governor Wilson has the stature and the respect from the Democrat Establishment to challenge Koster’s conversion. An endorsement from Wilson is pretty useless if he’s only a name on list of endorsers.

You should also call out Koster on his new found “Democratic values.” Mitt Romney and Chris Koster are similar in many ways, both lead in their respective fundraising races, but both are actually empty suites. As Romney’s sliding poll numbers attest, conservatives are unwilling to support or vote for someone who changes his positions on their core issues.

Governor Romney would have us believe he is a social conservative. Any freshman college student understands that a social conservative does not get elected in Massachusetts. Unfortunately for Romney, he does not have any convincing surrogates to speak on his behalf in regards to his conservative credentials – except for maybe the Log Cabin Republicans. Jim Talent and Governor Blunt’s political fortunes have been on the wane these last few years, thus nullifying any effectiveness they may have had for Romney.

In the case of Chris Koster, it is also common sense that someone with “Democrat values” does not get elected to a Republican Senate Leadership position. We ask what Yellow Dog Democrat is speaking up for Koster? Senator Jeff Smith? Representative Rodney Hubbard? Representative El Amin? Are they really willing to answer for Koster’s votes to cut Medicaid from poor African-American Missourians?

Are they willing to defend Koster’s vote to disenfranchise Missouri‘s elderly and African Americans by voting yes on the photo ID bill? Where is Koster on civil rights issue? Where is he on civil unions and same sex marriage? Where is he on reproductive choice for women? He could not stand for these issues being in the Republican leadership. You should force him to spend his money defending his positions.



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