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“Don Reimal White Elephant Arena”

January 18th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Submitted by MMinnoe

After reading John Pennell’s column yesterdays paper about “Who pays for names on public buildings” The answer is the Tax payers. The point being that local politicos put there names on public building for free, when large companies would pay $Millions for the same opportunity. Why do we give away this free advertising.

Last month Kay Barnes got her name put on the Sprint Center for free. Fred Abanas Golf Course, Charles Wheeler down town airport, and Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard. This is all free advertising, and name recognition for there up coming elections. I don’t think we can do anything about the practice but we might be able to turn it to our advantage. Lets make this new turkey of a Hockey Arena, the Don Reimal White Elephant Arena. That way 30 years from now when our Grand Children’s Children that are still paying for it, are trying to maneuver through the traffic mess to get one of the few parking spaces to get the tickets from the scalper for ten times face value, and they have been at it for a couple of hours, when its only 4 miles from there house. One of kids will say daddy, WHO, came up with this mess? Who planned and designed it, and why on earth did they build it here? So dad won’t have to say gee son I not sure.

So they won’t ever forget who we owe the favor, lets just start calling it the “Don Reimal White Elephant Arena.” And the sooner the name sticks the better. Read more…



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