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Chip Robertson Working With Gun Rights Opponents, Radical Critics of General Petraus, and World’s Wealthiest Radical Activists

December 28th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The Wall Street Journal recently weighed in on Missouri’s supposedly “non-partisan” plan for appointing judges. Not surprisingly, the paper found a myriad of defects in the current plan. What was most interesting about the op-ed, however, was that it proved once and for all that Chip Robertson and his merry band of defenders of the current plan are not as non-partisan as they claim. Money quote:

Liberal groups like the George Soros-funded “Justice at Stake” argue that alternatives to the current system — direct election of judges or the federal model where the executive nominates and the legislature confirms — allow “special interests” to manipulate the selection of judges. The bar, of course, doesn’t consider itself a special interest.

There you have it. Justice at Stake and Chip Robertson, you might remember, are the same ones who recently released the results of a horribly worded poll suggesting Missourians were opposed to judicial reform.

Robertson made his name after he was lucky enough to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Being barely 30, he had no judicial experience and virtually no legal experience. He was in no way qualified for the post, and his early retirement proves as much. After a term on the Supreme Court he got bored and decided to cash in on the ongoing Big Tobacco litigation by becoming a trial lawyer. Suffice it to say, the millions of dollars Robertson made for his few months of work on the Tobacco Settlement will ensure he is never bored again. The only things he had to give up to make the millions were his conservative values and Republican principles. A small price to pay for a guaranteed wealth.

Which is why we are not surprised that Robertson’s latest little adventure has him working with extraordinarily wealth and radical liberals like George Soros to prevent Missouri’s judicial selection process from being opened up to the press and the public.

George Soros, you may remember, is the billionaire who has dedicated his life to defeating Republican politicians and installing a Democratic majority. He has funded MoveOn.org, the source of the recent “General BetrayUs” ad, as well as a number of other liberal special interest groups that oppose gun rights. It is no exaggeration that he wants to use his incredible wealth to dominate politics in the United States. His latest investments have taken place at the state level, in places like Colorado, where he is using his billions of dollars to build the Pendergast-like machinery necessary to restore Democratic dominance.

So, next time someone who opposes judicial reform alleges that the reform would politicize the process, ask them where they got their money and whether it has anything to do with Chip Robertson or George Soros. Chances are . . . .



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  • 1 Dan // Jan 10, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    Who wrote this nonsense? Isn’t it beneath the dignity of even the people who seek to undermine the Missouri Plan to try to tar an Ashcroft appointee with bogus ties to Soros?

    Isn’t it true that every single proposal being bandied about by the opponents of the Missouri Plan increases the influence of money and partisanship?

  • 2 Jim Byrne // Feb 25, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    “Isn’t it true that every single proposal being bandied about by the opponents of the Missouri Plan increases the influence of money and partisanship?”

    No Dan; that is not a true statement. Please identify which Bills or Resolutions you are looking at.

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