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Joseph Pulitzer Must Be Rolling Over In His Grave

December 20th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

It is hard to believe that the St. Louis Post Dispatch was ever affiliated with Joseph Pulitzer. That “Jo” would almost certainly be ashamed of the Jo we are all so familiar with. Lazy “reporter” Jo Mannies never fails to remind us of that old Mark Twain exhortation “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.”

Distort she does.

This morning, the venerable Ms. Mannies exhausted nearly 20 paragraphs explaining the sundry problems with, among other things, using the terms “Sanctuary city” and “illegals” as a noun. What public interest moved her to so succinctly express her faux concern for illegal immigrants?

Well, it appears that Governor Matt Blunt’s effort to curb illegal immigration has raised the ire of one Jorge Riopedre, whose grievances against the Governor are summarized by the fact that he did not get a “heads up” about the Governor’s latest initiative. Riopedre is apparently not upset that Blunt is tackling illegal immigration – Riopedre, we are told, agrees that illegal immigration is a bad thing. So a man’s frustration with a law he does not disagree with obviously caught Ms. Mannies’s attention. But one wonders why exactly this story merits printing.

Did Riopedre get a heads up from Nixon’s office regarding their latest effort to punish businesses for hiring illegal immigrants? Of course, there is no way to tell, because even if he had, Ms. Mannies would have done her best to allow bias to stand in the way of accurate reporting.

Ms. Mannies did mention Nixon’s legal woes today, but only in the context of the ongoing investigation regarding his use of a state vehicle for campaign purposes. We are happy Ms. Mannies decided to give some level attention to OA’s “failed attempt” at highlighting wrong where wrong has been committed by Mr. Nixon, but wish she would be a bit more objective in her reporting of the issues of the day.

Perhaps the more important “heads up” to be reporting is the one Missourians have been giving their state leaders regarding rampant flouting of immigration laws. But that would require objectivity and sensitivity to the issues that matter to real Missourians: qualities Ms. Mannies has demonstrated she does not possess.



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  • 1 Bob Wiliams // Dec 20, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    Jo is a hag. She has gotten more liberal in recent years.

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