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Nixon Double Standard on Investigations? | Missouri Political News Service

Nixon Double Standard on Investigations?

November 30th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The Wake Up Call blog is doing an excellent job chronicling the numerous misdeeds occurring in the O’Fallon, Missouri city government. Incredibly, the Democratic city attorney has advised the city administrator and city officials to “immediately “delete emails. What is there to hide? Where’s the investigation Jay? Sounds a little “Nixonian” to us!

“According to O’Fallon City Administrator Bob Lowery, city attorney Kevin O’Keefe has advised city officials to immediately delete emails after they have been read. O’Keefe is a well respected attorney in the field of municipal law and represents 14 other municipalities in the St. Louis area. He co-authored an article on the Sunshine law with a partner in his firm.” Read more…

The MRP released a press release today reporting that former Former Jackson County Democrat legislator Bob Stringfield, is the latest victim of Jay Nixon’s “selective political application of the Missouri Sunshine Law.”

JEFFERSON CITY _ Records obtained by the Missouri Republican Party show that Nixon has refused to address serious Sunshine Law violations by the Jackson County Legislature.

“It is quite apparent from the public record that Jay Nixon will do anything to protect his political supporters in Jackson County including turning his back on a fellow Democrat despite serious and detailed violations of the Missouri Sunshine Law by the Jackson County Legislature,” said Paul Sloca, communications director for the Missouri Republican Party. “This Pendergastian way of doing things in Jackson County is unacceptable, yet Jay Nixon would rather protect his political friends in Jackson County and burn a fellow Democrat rather than do the right thing.”

The entire paper trail exposing Nixon’s inaction and the serious nature of the detailed Sunshine Law concerns raised by Stringfield can be found here.

Despite the highly detailed records sent to Nixon showing that Jackson County legislators violated the Missouri Sunshine Law by doctoring official minutes of illegally closed meetings dating back to 2005, Nixon has bowed to Democrat Party pressure in Jackson County and refused to pursue an investigation into the illegal activities of the Jackson County Legislature.

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Given his whistleblower status, Stringfield was physically and verbally abused by members of the Jackson County Legislature and even had his official office budget slashed in retaliation for his Sunshine Law concerns to pay for legal costs associated with his pursuit of the Sunshine Law against the Jackson County Legislature. What has Nixon done? NOTHING! His selective application of Sunshine Law enforcement as a political tool makes perfectly clear how corrupt Nixon is and what a joke his sham investigation of the governor has become.

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