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Quote of the Day: FireUp Missouri’s Temper Tantrum | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: FireUp Missouri’s Temper Tantrum

October 31st, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Is this what it now comes down to FiredUp Missouri? You must now resort to verbal temper tantrums by calling your opponents “sniveling, thin skinned punks” and “pantywaists?” We’d be upset too if the only people we could get to listen to us pitch a bad story were: 1.) A two bit columnist with an obvious ax to grind against Ed Martin and the Blunt Administration. 2.) A lazy reporter who thought they broke news this summer by informing us that a non profit organization (barred by law to make endorsements) was not going to be making a presidential endorsement at their summer convention.

From FiredUp Missouri:

“Here’s some advice for the Governor and his pantywaist staff: if you are such weak, sniveling, thin-skinned little punks that you feel “harassed” by emails that Scott Eckersley may or may not have forwarded to himself then shut off his email account and don’t go trolling through the messages scrounging for some dirt to share with Jeff Roe’s blog. It’s a simple solution, really. Though I can’t help but think that –seeing as how you clowns are as weak as your actions make you out– Team Blunt should simply step aside and get out of government altogether. Perhaps mummy-in-law can get all the key administration players jobs lobbying for Oreo cookies or something.”



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