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The Main Candidates for Missouri Governor in 2008 Have a Lot in Common.

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Both are political professionals.

Current Gov. Matt Blunt was born into politics, the son of neo-con Congressman Roy Blunt. After attending the Naval Academy and a stint in the Navy, the governor went straight into the family business, bypassing the aging process and any real venture in the world where the rest of us live. He served in the General Assembly, was Secretary of State and then governor.

Similarly, current Attorney General Jay Nixon is a longtime politico. While he does have an actual trade – attorney – he has been a state senator and then 16 years as attorney general, taking up the majority of his adult life.

Both are using their offices and the associated perks to further their efforts to keep public office.

Both have used state cars and other transport for campaign swings. Both are catering to the electorate through their offices, crafting positions and actions to appeal to red or blue votes respectively. Read more…


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