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The Source: Mainstream Media Messes Up Again | Missouri Political News Service

The Source: Mainstream Media Messes Up Again

October 29th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The Source opines on the allegations made by former Blunt Administration staff attorney Scott Eckersley. We believe you always have to take with a grain of salt allegations made by disgruntled employees. Anyone remember Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas? Eckersley admits in the Messenger piece that if the Blunt people would have found him job after dismissing him, he would have remained quiet.

Apparently Jo Mannies and Tony Messenger failed to heed our warning last week. As a result they succumbed to printing the story they would like to believe rather than the truth which was staring them in the face.

Both Mannies and Messenger were contacted by fired Blunt administration employee Scott Eckersley. Eckersley, like most disgruntled employees, wanted to get back at the Blunt administration and used Mannies and Messenger to spread a lie. Fortunately, the facts make it clear that Eckersley is boldly and openly lying to protect his reputation.

Eckersley was fired by the Blunt administration “for cause” about a month ago. He was confronted with the specific reasons in several well documented meetings. Of course, the Blunt administration had no reason at that point to smear Eckersley so they kept those reasons internal. Seizing on that opportunity, radical left bloggers at FiredUp! Missouri made up a story about Eckersley being fired over Sunshine Law policy. In return, Eckersley seized that as his lifeline, and began calling the press and anyone who would listen. When the Blunt administration learned the press was likely to print Eckersley’s lies, they had no choice but to reveal the truth. Read more…


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