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Messenger: Where Oh Where is Rod Jetton? | Missouri Political News Service

Messenger: Where Oh Where is Rod Jetton?

October 19th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

“Perhaps the candidate for president can be helpful in tracking down his wayward Missouri political director. Surely Romney doesn’t want to have a state political director who doesn’t believe in government accountability, does he?”

SNL News Leader open letter to Mitt Romney: (excerpted)

A group of taxpayers in southwest Missouri (a hotbed of Republican primary voters, by the way, but we’re guessing you knew that), have been seeking some accountability from Jetton, who’s apparently helping to lead the charge for the Romney campaign in our state. But they haven’t been able to get Jetton to answer the most basic questions about a very important piece of legislation he supported.

Jetton is a friend of Robert Plaster, a big developer in southwest Missouri. But again, you knew that. You saw Plaster and Jetton together when you stopped by our city to collect some campaign dollars at a $1,000-a-plate luncheon. Anyway, Plaster has this piece of property along Table Rock Lake in Stone County that he wants to develop. But every time he proposed to build something, the county commissioners said it was an inappropriate use for the land. This is where Jetton comes in. He inserted language into a bill that would make it legal for Plaster to basically incorporate his own village and bypass local controls. A lot of folks are wondering if Jetton did so because he owes Plaster a favor. As he has to your campaign, Plaster has given a lot of money to Jetton. (And to Blunt, too). And Jetton likes to brag in his Capitol reports about how much he enjoys hunting on Plaster’s property and partaking in the “very thick and juicy steaks” cooked up by Plaster’s son on the grill. Read more…



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