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“Most Stupid” Quote of the Day | Missouri Political News Service

“Most Stupid” Quote of the Day

October 16th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Below is what you get when you let a junior staffer take phone calls from the press. They deviate from the talking points and add a mind numbingly stupid quote to what should have been a standard, cookie cutter response. The Missouri Political News Service guesses that Ms. Smith was probably responsible for the Koster kick off disaster at St. Louis University High this summer. See the YouTube video below:

“When people want to support us, we don’t ask whether they root for the Cardinals or root for the Royals.” 

Elisabeth Smith – Koster campaign spokeswoman & Sen. Jeff “The Gambler” Smith Rent-a-Girlfriend.


Missouri Politcs: More on Koster and Rex

Anyone who reads this blog by now knows about Chris Koster’s $100,000 from sexy Rexy. But I wanted to make sure everyone read the following quote from the CDT Politics Blog:

“Elisabeth Smith, a spokeswoman for Koster’s campaign, said yesterday regardless of where the two-term senator’s donations come from, “he will continue to fight for the same things that he’s fought for his entire public service career.”

Umm… does she remember this:

Right after he switched political parties on Wednesday, state Sen. Christopher Koster announced some changes in his political views.

In particular, Koster — now D-Harrisonville — said he is revising his public stance on abortion, one of Missouri’s most explosive topics.

So, will he continue to fight for pro-life causes or did Smith get it wrong? Further, later in the CDT post Smith has this to say:

“When people want to support us, we don’t ask whether they root for the Cardinals or root for the Royals,” Smith said.

I’ve never known any donor who gives to candidates that don’t share their values. Read more…

K.C. Blue Blog: Koster Takes Money From Anti-Public Education Groups Trying to Deceive Missourians

It looks like “The Wardrobe”has put on his masquerade mask. We at the Blue Blog were actually somewhat excited about Chris Koster being a Democrat and running for Attorney General. He comes off sharp, intelligent and nice.

Unfortunately, so does a Con-artist as well. Read more…

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