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DCCC Trying to Assist Global Warming Myth | Missouri Political News Service

DCCC Trying to Assist Global Warming Myth

October 12th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Ironically, on the heels of Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will be doing its small part to add to Gore’s psuedo science myth that our planet is warming to dangerous levels. This coming Monday, the DCCC’s propaganda machine will be pumping out enough lies, distortions and hot air against eight Republican Congressman, that it’s sure to add a degree or two to the temperature. Their crime? Voting against the middle class expansion of a program designed for poor children. Below is a text of the radio, email and text messages that will be sent to activists.

“President Bush versus America’s kids. Congressman Graves has a choice: health care for 10 million children or continue to stand with Bush to block it. Tell Todd Graves to choose our kids”

Text of the Ad, “Simple Choice,” Against Kuhl and Walberg Follows

“This is the ad Congressman Todd Graves doesn’t want Missouri voters to hear.

“With the State Children’s Health Insurance Program – SCHIP – set to expire, Congressman Graves has a simple choice to make.

“Continue to stand with President Bush or with American children.

“Over 100,000 children here in Missouri risk losing their affordable, quality health insurance, while Congressman Graves receives his health care at taxpayers’ expense

“SCHIP will provide health care coverage for 10 million children

“Yet President Bush vetoed it and Congressman Graves stands with him – instead of with our kids.

“Congressman Graves has an opportunity to cast a decisive vote – one in favor of giving 10 American million children the health care they need or one to block it.

“Call Congressman Graves and tell him to stand with our kids, NOT George Bush.


WSJ Online:

“The folks in my district don’t want to be paying for somebody in New York for health-care subsidies for their kids when they’re making $83,000 or whatever it is that she put in there. It’s outrageous,” said Rep. Sam Graves (R., Mo.).



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