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STL Sentinel: “How Close Is Slay to the Black Community?” | Missouri Political News Service

STL Sentinel: “How Close Is Slay to the Black Community?”

October 4th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

With recent demotion of the city’s first African American fire chief to deputy fire chief, it begs the question of how close is Mayor Slay to the minority community? Many would say not very close or he is sitting in a breadbasket headed straight to HELL! The statement of City Comptroller Darlene Green that the treatment of Chief George was shameful is probably the most accurate statement and reflects how many minorities feel about what has happened to Chief George.

However, politics makes strange bedfellows! If you look at the history of politics in this city, the first thing that jumps out at you is the lower voter turnout on the city’s North Side and that is a huge factor in how many non-Black politicians treat the minority community. The city of St. Louis is about 99% Democratic and on citywide elections, there is not much of a threat of a minority running citywide and winning, unless a deal is cut to insure victory. There is one person that could be lining himself for a hit towards Mayor Slay and that is City License Collector Michael McMillan. McMillan has the warchest, organization and political brain to challenge Slay and win.

As you know, the victory of Lewis Reed as President of the Board of Aldermen shows that anything is possible in the city by the river. Right now, Slay is in a very difficult position. As you know, there are some powerful citywide office-holders who are sharpening their political spikes toward Slay, over his involvement in the defeated issue of Charter Reform for the City and have not forgiven the mayor for his efforts in leading an effort to take their jobs. Now that it is see as Slay, the real person behind the efforts of denoting Chief George, McMillan could be the individual who can defeat Slay for mayor.

St. Louis City License Collector Mike McMillan 

It has always been rumored that McMillan had his eye on the prize and with some of his key people in place, April Griffin (5thWard), Lewis Reed (president of the Board of Aldermen) and other powerful citywide office-holders such as City Comptroller Darlene Green, City Treasurer Larry Williams, City Sheriff Jim Murphy, Recorder of Deeds Sharon Carpenter and others who were supposedly betray difficult re-election.

One thing that is in the favor of McMillan is that sitting on a huge warchest and has the ability to raise more money. It is not unthinkable that now is the time for McMillan to take-on Slay for the city’s top job. It is ironic that McMillan has joined a union with Slay, to get his present job, but like former Congressman Clay, Sr. always says . . .permanent interests and not permanent friends.

Do not be surprised if McMillan’s time is now to become mayor of St Louis. If he wins, he is young enough and smart enough to serve for about 50 years, similar to what the Daleys have done in Chicago. Slay may have a slight edge in probably getting money from downtown corporations, because of his visions for the rebirth of St. Louis, but McMillan comes from the 19th Ward and knows all at the movers and shakers in he city, he is no new kid on the block!



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