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Free PubDef!!!

September 20th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Although Antonio French’s Blog PubDef is left of center in its reporting, he has done a fantastic job of breaking stories and providing us more than the 30 second sound bite video we normally see on the local news. KSDK in St. Louis, the NBC affilliate, has apparently filed a complaint with Youtube over his use of their videos. Their complaint has resulted in PubDef’s account being temporarily suspended. French believes KSDK’s retaliation stems from this incident:

“Yesterday evening, Multimedia KSDK, Inc. filed a complaint with YouTube about our posting of a video contrasting a September 13 story by reporter Mike Owens which ended with a promise to air a tape of an allegedly crooked real estate seller “saying he makes regular payments of cash to the local alderman” with their September 14 follow-up story that makes no mention of the allegation.

Hang in there Antonio, this is just another example of the Dinosaur media throwing its weight around and attempting to intimidate the new media. Jo “Sticky Fingers” Mannies and Jake Wagman of the Post Dispatch steal our stories regularly and never give MOPNS credit for stories they know we beat them on. (Ronnie White retiring, Patricia Breckenride replacing him, Chris Koster switching parties, etc.) After our founding in April, Wagman credited us with a story and called us “the burgeoning Missouri Political News Service,” after that hat tip – nothing more. We believe Mannies put the kabosh on crediting us in the future because we talk about how pathetic a reporter she is. And because we expose pretender “bloggers” who suck up to her.

Our philosophy at MOPNS is we could care less if the Political Fix or Tony Messenger ever mention us, because that is not why we exist. We exist to give our readers a perspective on the news and current events from a grassroots point of view- from the bloggers. A prominent St. Louis attorney admitted to us in an email that his primary source of news is now from the blogs. As long as our readers continue to come to our site for fresh news, not cut and paste headlines from the previous day, we’ll be around for a long time, regardless of the old media’s snubs!

Your brother in the blogosphere.

“Scooter” Jackson



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