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Pork Spending or “Effective Fiscal Management” | Missouri Political News Service

Pork Spending or “Effective Fiscal Management”

September 18th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Tough call on this one. On it’s face, the charge Missouri Politics makes that this a scheme to “squeeze in one more mailing before their elections next year” seems valid. Of course, this means that Democrats will be able to “squeeze in more mailing” too. The explanation that Rep. Kenny Jones, Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Administration and Accounts, offers seems legitimate to us. The extra bulk rate postage they’ve secured, makes up for increases in postal rates.

From Missouri Politics:

Missouri House Republicans elected new leadership on September 12th, and by September 17th, they have figured out a way to spend a $200,000 excess due to “effective fiscal management”.

I call BS. What the Missouri House Republicans did was find a way for each member of their party to squeeze in one more mailing before their elections next year.

Don’t get me started trying to think of the ways we could spend $200,000 more effectively than another mailing from my State House member telling me how he or she used my tax dollars effectively.

September 17, 2007

TO: All House Members
RE: House Contingent Fund Postage Credit

Dear House Members:

Effective fiscal management of the House Contingent Fund has resulted in the one-time purchase of an additional $200,000 in bulk-rate postage for use by House members. This will result in an additional $1,227 in bulk-rate postage to be available to each House member for mailings prepared by the House Publications office, separate and apart from your House Member Expense Account. This should help relieve fiscal challenges in your member expense account that have occurred due to recent increases in US Postal Service rates. Read more…



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