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MOGOP: “Top 11 Reasons Why Jay Nixon Wants Campaign Contributions Returned” | Missouri Political News Service

MOGOP: “Top 11 Reasons Why Jay Nixon Wants Campaign Contributions Returned”

September 14th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

With Jay Nixon’s hypocritical and self-serving statements on the return of unlimited campaign contributions and the media’s use of lists, the Missouri Republican Party presents the Top 11 reasons why Nixon supports giving the money back:

11. Because the media will report he is returning them even though he has not returned a penny.

10. Disbarment less likely if MEC backs the position he inaccurately represented as theirs.

9. Scoreboard dummy – he’s losing.

8. Tricky Nixon’s former top aide Chuck Hatfield saves face if the over-the-limit contributions he gave to Nixon are returned since Hatfield was representing the plaintiff who clamed those contributions were illegal.

7. He’s not the sharpest knife; he’s getting confused about what his position is each new day.

6. He was for contributions limits before he accepted over-the-limit contributions he now wants to return them but only if others do it first.

5. Nixon more likely to generate support if contributors don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being publicly disclosed as a Nixon donor.

4. He was only able to generate one $100,000 contribution leading him to conclude that he’s against “special interest contributions” (a.k.a. Adopt whatever position is politically expedient).

3. Because he can make a phony announcement without holding a news conference and no one can ask him any questions.

2. Governor Blunt has to pay to get his message out whereas Nixon just sits back and allows the liberal media do his dirty work and tell his lies for him.

1. Ameren money laundering, extortion of the targets of his investigation scheme much easier to execute under the old campaign finance system.


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