"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi
It’s About Time: “American Muslim Coalition Raises $10,000 for Backstoppers in Saint Louis” | Missouri Political News Service

It’s About Time: “American Muslim Coalition Raises $10,000 for Backstoppers in Saint Louis”

September 10th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The American Muslim Coalition of Saint Louis is a recently formed group to expand on the local Muslim communities’ civic and interfaith activities through networking, cooperative effort, and organization. The coalition is dedicated to the goals of: increasing the active participation of American Muslims in the activities of our local comunities in Saint Louis and in America in general; increasing our visibility so that our voice will be more likely to be heard by policy makers on issues affecting our community; and enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the Muslim community and the rest of the Saint Louis community.

The first project of The American Muslim Coalition was a Memorial Day week-end BBQ for veterans and staff at the VA Hospital at Jeffersons Barracks. About 210 people were served on that day, and the event was well received.

The second event was a fund raising dinner to raise donations for Backstoppers to aid the families of police officers and fire fighters from greater St. Louis who have fallen in the line of duty. This was held on september 7th at Grbic Hall in South City.

“Muslims need to communicate better with their neighbors. Muslims are an integral part of American life and this is our home. So why does this misunderstanding exist? It is because extremists are yelling while we are whispering, brothers and sisters, and no one can hear us. Be loud! Islam does not encourage hate or terrorism against civilians. Islam stands for justice and peace, and we must be the ones to carry that message, because no one else will.” Melissa Matos, Executive Director of CAIR-St. Louis Read more…

The American Muslim community has been eerily silent in it’s condemnation of the extremist elements of their religion. Is this goodwill gesture a first start or a shrewd pr move for damage control?



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