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“Conozca Sus Derechos” | Missouri Political News Service

“Conozca Sus Derechos”

August 27th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

If you’re resident of the great state of Missouri, or someone from another state visiting or going to school here, the above phrase is obviously not meant for you. Translated into English it simply says, “know You’re rights”.

“Conozca Sus Derechos” is the name of a new booklet released by our apparently multicultural attorney general Senior Jay Nixon. We are curious why Senior Nixon- when asked about his position on the proposed affirmative action ballot initiative is ambiguous at best – would wade in through the backdoor on the contentious immigration debate?

Is Nixon doing what most national Democrats are currently doing – taking the African American vote for granted while wooing future Hispanics voters?

“One thing has been noted, there seems to be a targeting of people who have a langauge barrier for consumer fraud individuals, folks who seem to be more vunerable in that sense, situations or targeted by crooks sort of speak,” said Ron Carrier, Assistant Attorney General.

Hey Ron, ever think that they’re easy marks because they refuse to learn English?



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