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Cloning opponents seek initiative toward 2008 Missouri ballot | Missouri Political News Service

Cloning opponents seek initiative toward 2008 Missouri ballot

August 24th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Missourians have yet another chance to take the stem cell debate to the ballot box in 2008. This beckons one to wonder how Dolly would vote. Would she be For or Against this initiative? 


The Star’s Jefferson City correspondent

JEFFERSON CITY | The bell rang Wednesday for round 2 in Missouri’s battle over early stem-cell research.

A fledgling political group calling itself Cures Without Cloning launched an initiative campaign designed to overturn the key provision of last year’s Amendment 2.

Amendment 2, approved by 51 percent of voters, protects all stem-cell research permitted by federal law. The new effort seeks to ban any research that involves the cloning of human cells.

The group’s chairwoman, Lori Buffa, said the initiative was designed to impose a true ban on “human cloning” and clear up confusing language in last year’s amendment. It also would prohibit the use of taxpayer funds on any research involving cloned cells. The filing seeks to put the proposal on the November 2008 ballot.

Buffa, a St. Peters pediatrician, repeated the claim often made by Amendment 2 opponents that voters did not understand what they were voting on.

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