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Millionaire Claire Tells UAW Workers: “I know You” | Missouri Political News Service

Millionaire Claire Tells UAW Workers: “I know You”

August 23rd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

“There are some people in Washington that are ready to give up on the American auto manufacturer.”

Sen. McCaskill spoke to a crowd of UAW workers yesterday morning in downtown St. Louis. McCaskill was there to show her support for the “bi-partisan” Hill-Terry vehicle economy bill or H.R. 2927.

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According to the press release sent out by the big three automakers and the UAW, the Hill Terry Bill has growing support in Congress because it recognizes that cars and trucks have different transportation roles and should be regulated separately for fuel economy. The supporters say Hill Terry is a reasonable approach to improved fuel economy because it sets “tough standards” but will “save jobs” and give consumers choices.

In her remarks, Sen. McCaskill took a jab at members of her own party when she said “there are some in Washington who are ready to give up on the American auto manufacturer.” Is she talking about Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi? Or maybe she’s referring to Sen. Clinton and our neighbor senators to the east, Barak Obama and Dick (turbin) Durbin? They all take the opposite position from hers. Will McCaskill’s position on fuel standards, further alienate her from the fringe left who are threatening her with a primary challenge in 2012?


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  • 1 Mark // Aug 26, 2007 at 9:15 pm

    I think it makes sense for the Senator to be behind this bill – there’s plenty of other Democrats behind it. Its a good compromise on this issue that is important to auto workers and environmentalists alike – I do some work with the AAM and its correct to treat cars and trucks with different standards. Its important not just for the industry but also for consumers who should be able to choose whatever vehicle they want.

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