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Missourians Launch Campaign to Prohibit Human Cloning/Initiative Would Protect Proven Cures and Treatments | Missouri Political News Service

Missourians Launch Campaign to Prohibit Human Cloning/Initiative Would Protect Proven Cures and Treatments

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CONTACT: Curt Mercadante
August 22, 2007 (314) 825-4478

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – A coalition of concerned Missouri citizens, doctors, and academics today launched the “Cures Without Cloning” (CWC) initiative to prohibit human cloning in Missouri. Dr. Lori Buffa, of St. Peters, Missouri, filed proposed ballot language with the Secretary of State’s office this morning.

“The Missouri Constitution currently allows for human cloning. It allows for the same cloning method that created Dolly the Sheep,” said Dr. Buffa, who serves as chair of CWC. “This initiative will ensure this dangerous, unproven, unnecessary practice is prohibited, and allow us to focus on safe research that leads to lifesaving cures and treatments.”

The initiative would amend the Missouri Constitution to prohibit the practice of human cloning, and would prohibit taxpayer funding of human cloning experiments. Specifically, the coalition is seeking to place the following language in the Missouri constitution:

Section 38(e) 1. It shall be unlawful to clone or attempt to clone a human being. Researchers may conduct stem cell research to discover cures for disease and develop stem cell therapies and cures, provided that the research complies with the limitations of this section and, in addition, the limitations of Section 38(d).

2. For all purposes within this constitution:

(1) “Clone or attempt to clone a human being” includes the creation of or the attempt to create, by means other than fertilization of a human egg with human sperm, a new human organism that is virtually identical genetically to an existing or previously existing human organism or human organisms.

(2) “Human organism” means human life in any stage. Human life begins with an initial stage, when a single human egg cell receives a complete set of forty-six chromosomes, and continues
through any subsequent stages of embryonic, fetal, postnatal, and later development.

3. No taxpayer dollars shall be expended: (1) to clone or attempt to clone a human being; or (2) to research or experiment using a human organism, or any part of a human organism, derived from cloning or attempting to clone a human being.

“As a doctor, I have grave concerns about experimentation with human cloning. It is unproven, dangerous, and outside the mainstream of society,” said Dr. Buffa. “We should continue to search for cures and treatments using stem cell research. And we should embrace the exciting promise of cures and treatments that proven, safe research can bring – and we should do so by resoundingly rejecting the practice of human cloning.”

Cures without Cloning (CWC) is leading a broad-based, statewide coalition of grassroots organizations committed to prohibiting the cloning of human beings in Missouri. Interested citizens are invited to visit www.MOcureswithoutcloning.com for more information.

Hope they’re ready for a court battle with Carnahan concerning their proposed ballot language!


Missourinet audio: Dr. Lori Buffa news conference (17:00 MP3) Dr. Lori Buffa news conference (17:00 MP3)

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