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FEMA and Claire McCaskill | Missouri Political News Service

FEMA and Claire McCaskill

August 15th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Seems Sen. McCaskill’s office needs to work on constituent services! Check out these three comments from the good people of Caruthersville.

Posted in the Caruthersville Forum:

“I just heard that instead of selling or renting the FEMA trailers to the people who live in them now, they’re going to haul them off in October and either trash them or sell them at auction, even though many people would like to buy the trailer they live in.
The lady who told me this said she’s called Emerson and Bond and McCaskill, and that Bond and Emerson called back and said there was a chance FEMA might change their mind. Apparently in other parts of the country, they offered to just sell the trailers at cost to the people living in them. She said she still hadn’t heard from Claire McCaskill so she was hoping everybody who wants to buy the FEMA trailer they are living in would call Claire McCaskill (and the others too) and see if they won’t just se3ll the trailers like they have in other areas.”

“….As for contacting Claire McCaskill. Don’t waste your time. Unless you’re calling to tell her you want to pay more taxes to fund some welfare program, you won’t get a warm response.”

“Good luck with Senator McCaskill. I’ve written, phoned, e-mailed, and faxed her office and never heard a word from her. “



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