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Accountability From Elected Officials… A Dying Art? | Missouri Political News Service

Accountability From Elected Officials… A Dying Art?

August 7th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The Libertarian Guy:

With the release last week of the Missouri State Auditors’ report of their investigation into the bookkeeping procedures of Springfields’ Municipal Court, it becomes even clearer that the upcoming audit reports will be worth the wait.

That is, if the people who run this city can get their act together.

A quick recap: The report on the Municipal Court was not a direct result of the audit petition. However, thinking about the timing of the news of the missing Court money and how it was made public within weeks of sending over seven thousand Springfield voter signatures to Jefferson City for verification… one wonders if the news of over one million dollars embezzled from the Court, would have made that much of a splash in the local media. Read more…



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