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Slay Strong Arms Fire Chief Into Starting Promotions | Missouri Political News Service

Slay Strong Arms Fire Chief Into Starting Promotions

August 3rd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Mayor Slay, now that you’ve successfully strong armed Chief George, how about a little attention towards the police chief?

Slay: “Chief George Will Begin Promotions”

There was a term that was attributed to Ronald Reagan during his successful presidency: “The Teflon President.” Almost all negative press concerning the president never stuck to him permanently. Reagan effortlessly sloughed off adversity and controversy like water off a duck’s back. St. Louis seems to have its own version of a “teflon” politician residing downtown at police headquarters.

Chief Mokwa’s tenure as police chief has been an unmitigated disaster. During his tenure, St. Louis has consistently ranked near the top nationally in murders, auto thefts, and in overall crime. A couple of years ago, it was almost a weekly occurrence to have a fatal accident involving a stolen automobile, the police, and an innocent motorist who was unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time. Mokwa’s response – bait cars and a prohibition on certain police chases. Just a couple of weeks ago, Mokwa’s own daughter was arrested at a seedy hotel for drug possession and child endangerment.

The Missouri Political News Service only makes light of the Mokwa Family’s personal tragedy to ask this serious question: “In light of the annually abysmal St. Louis crime statistics, and his daughter’s apparent problems with substance abuse, is Mokwa the right person for this job?”


AP: “Slay letter to fire chief prompts protest”



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