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Cleaver/Clay Vote Against Lobbying Reform

August 1st, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Many are probably asking: “After Jack Abramhoff and all the other lobbying scandals that broke last year, how could these two politically vote against lobbying reform?” Simple. Neither will ever have to worry about raising tons of money because they are in very safe districts. Especially safe is Clay, who in 2000, inherited his seat from his father who served in Congress for thirty plus years. It’s a shame they can vote the way they do and not have to worry about the consequences back home.

By Sam Hananel, AP

WASHINGTON – Two Missouri congressmen were among a handful House members on Tuesday who voted against a House ethics bill aimed at shedding more light on spending and fundraising by lawmakers.

Democratic Rep. William Lacy Clay, of St. Louis, said the new record keeping and disclosure requirements are too much of a burden and argued that existing rules are already effective.

Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, of Kansas City, called the bill “a sham” that doesn’t go far enough.

The lawmakers were in the distinct minority of a 411-8 vote to pass the measure intended to rein in corruption and scandal on Capitol Hill. Senate leaders hope to pass the bill later this week. Read more…



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