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Blame It on the Black Community: The Attempt By Funkhouser Administration to Divert the Truth

July 31st, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

From K.C. Blue Blog:

In recent weeks there has been another attempt to divert reality in the other direction when it comes to the Funkhouser Administration. Much like in the past, this time it lands yet again in the minority communities.

The ‘Swift Boating’ claim is that criticism of Mayor Funkhouser isn’t out of disgust for racist comments by his wife, the appointing of a full blown racist to the Parks Commission (which is about to cost the city millions), the sticking it to the hardworking union members to receive a free Honda, the hiring of security staff in only minority communities, the appointing of staff completely clueless to the political dynamics in Kansas City and policy or the virtual handover of policy power to his wife. Instead, the articles claim the criticism is out of vengeance from two City Council members, one who is a leader in the African-American Community and the other who’s wife and children are African-American (what a coincidence). Read more…



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