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St. Louis Political Consultant Indicted | Missouri Political News Service

St. Louis Political Consultant Indicted

July 24th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

St. Louis political consultant Steve W. Earp was indicted on several serious charges yesterday, including two counts of stealing $25,000 or more by deceit. Earp’s troubles started last April after the St. Louis Community College referendum failed miserably in the April elections. Soon afterwards, college authorities were probing Earp’s finances and his lack of invoices for work he said he performed on the referendum’s behalf.

The Post Dispatch reports that Earp bought BMW and Lexus automobiles almost immediately after the election, in addition to a $10,000 engagement ring for his fiance. The Post also reported that Earp opened a company bank account with $90,000 that was used to pay him and his wife salaries. Probably the most damaging part of the indictment is the allegation that Earp excessively overcharged the College for postage expenses. The indictment cites an instance where Earp charged the campaign committee $218,715 for postage, but bank records shows he only paid $116,200 for postage. It is unclear if Earp is free on bail as of post time.


Webster Kirkwood-Times: “Charges In Alleged Theft Of $200,000”



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