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Missouri Supreme Court Limits Liberty (Again!) | Missouri Political News Service

Missouri Supreme Court Limits Liberty (Again!)

July 20th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

As long as there is full disclosure, people should be able to do what they want when they want with their own money. The idea is pretty–no, very– damn simple…if we lived in a sane society.

From the KC Star:

JEFFERSON CITY | The Missouri Supreme Court on Thursday reinstated limits on political contributions, throwing into limbo most of the $7 million raised this year by the two leading candidates for governor.

The court also gave lawyers in the case, as well as members of the public, 15 days to submit legal arguments on what should be done with contributions in excess of the limits. The previous law set the maximum contribution for statewide candidates at $1,275 per election, with smaller maximum contributions to candidates for the state Senate or House of Representatives…

Jack Cardetti, spokesman for the Missouri Democratic Party, was pleased with the ruling. He said it highlighted a pay-to-play system implemented by Blunt.

“Striking down this law won’t completely stop Governor Blunt from selling government to the highest bidder, but it will help,” Cardetti said.

Does Mr. Cardetti really want to go down this road? Is Nixon not raking it in from the liberal groups?

All this comes after McCain-Feingold at the Fed level. McCain’s bipartisan blunder has yet to stop the whines that Republicans are “selling government to the highest bidder”. Of course these highest bidders don’t include the loaded union bosses, sleazy abortion doctors, and snobbish trial lawyers who line the pockets of the MODP and DNC.



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