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D.C. Notebook: A Senate sleepover … | Missouri Political News Service

D.C. Notebook: A Senate sleepover …

July 18th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Sen. McCaskill’s comments on the Senate’s all nighter:

”We have to be clear with the American people who is blocking the way forward,” she said. We need to out them and this is the first step of effectively outing the republican strategy, which is, their success is our failure. And that’s exactly what Americans are sick of, that kind of partisan gamesmanship.”

And McCaskill is convinced the Republicans will eventually cave and acknowledge the President Bush’s strategy in Iraq is unworkable.

”I think Republicans have been changing, you kind of smell it around here,” she said. ”You sense they are moving away from the president’s position. I don’t sense they’d ever admit that this kind of public outing would ever make a difference but I think we’ll continue to get votes from them.

”It doesn’t matter what reason they give. I just want to get to a point in September that we can make some meaningful progress.”



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