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Bottoms Up!

July 12th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Urban Dictionary:

Hatorade-“Drinking a tall glass of Hatorade is what you do when you become a commercial success and are accused of being a sellout by those who remain unsuccessful and therefore jealous. It’s very refreshing!”

The St. Louis American – which has a Sam’s Club equivalent of “Hatorade” going on for Antonio French and bloggers – gives us another example today of why it is a third tier publication. The “newspaper”- that takes cheap shots at former, low level Senate staffers and has never quite yet found a spell checker program that works – takes another shot at Pub Def:

“St. Louis journalists, especially the bloggers, for whom a 20 minute jump on a press release everyone will have by the end of the day (or hour) is understood as a highly valued prize. Indeed, we have entered the era of “breaking press releases.”

We guess real breaking news to the American is reporting that Brenda Talent is Hispanic, especially since we all thought – including probably Mrs. Talent – that she was of Japanese heritage:

“Obviously, someone in the Blunt administration is going fishing with the Hispanic appointee chatter. Who knows, Blunt might even be considering Jim Talent’s wife, who is Hispanic.”

Is the American guzzling the “Hatorade” because blogs are instantaneous sources of information and the American only comes out once a week? In their petty carping at Antonio, the American is basically elevating a blog and blogging to the “lofty heights” of the dinosaur media. Thanks St. Louis American!



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