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Don’t Abolish Gambling; Mandate a Seperate Line

July 6th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

According to this Missourinet article, tomorrow (7-7-07) should be Lotto nirvana for those hoping to strike it rich in the pick 3 or pick 4 game. For the rest of us simply wanting to buy a pack of cigarettes or pay for gasoline, it will be literally hell on earth.

We personally don’t have any moral qualms with any form of legal gambling; if that is how one chooses to spend their hard earned money – more power to them.

Our issue arises when you visit a “convenience” store for a quick purchase and it never fails: the little old lady or moderate income person in front of you buying 17 different scratch off games or has several pick 3 or 4 tickets to be processed by the clerk. The sad thing is they seem to be in such a deep trance at the thought of being instant millionaires, they don’t even realize that their one in several million chance at striking it rich is holding up the line. Instead of efforts by some legislators to abolish gambling by over taxation, how about mandating that lottery sellers establish a separate line for lottery players?



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