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Should Missouri Get Rid of Official Designations? | Missouri Political News Service

Should Missouri Get Rid of Official Designations?

June 22nd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

We understand it’s Friday, and the Show Me Institute IS a conservative institution, but today’s post by Sarah Brodsky  (left) criticizing legislation that designates Missouri’s official tree – or in this case, official reptile – is a little harsh. Ms. Brodsky suggests that lawmaker’s time would be better served if they focused on other matters. I’ve actually been to Jefferson City a time or two, and the minimal time spent debating this legislation, is far less than the time the legislators’ spend eating free buffets sponsored by the lobbyists, or milling around in the back of the chamber between votes. And God forbid, the occasional nodding of a legislator’s head, while two legislators’ debate legislation that has nothing to do with their districts.

Ms Brodsky further suggests that students can “learn about the legislative process by visiting Jefferson City, listening to debates over the internet, or volunteering for campaigns.” Where is the passion in those alternatives? I don’t know about you, but no one learns anything on field trips, they’re for leaving school for a few hours. Kids play games and go to My Space on the internet. Do you really think they’ll be interested in listening to dry debate audio? Volunteer for campaigns? Lets see, play with my friends or go door to door for a candidate or stuff envelopes?

Children will be much more interested in the legislative process if they are directly involved in the process. I’m sure there’s a study there at the Institute that will confirm this. Ms. Brodsky also stated in the post, “We would never make sixth-graders governor for the day to learn about the executive branch.” If we did, the person would certainly not have any power. But in this process of designating an official this or that, the children have empowered themselves, for at least a short period of time.



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