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Our Take On Illegal Immigration

June 22nd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Proponents of granting amnesty to the 20 million plus illegals in this country have based their arguments on two fronts, both fronts are specifically aimed at tugging at the heart strings of a compassionate nation. The first argument – that literally makes us want to vomit when we hear it- is that the illegals are “performing jobs most Americans won’t do,” and, they are only here to “make a better life for themselves and their families.”

They’re right, most Americans are not going to do back breaking labor in the hot sun picking vegetables, doing roofing, or risking carpal tunnel syndrome in a meat processing factory for $7-8 an hour. Unfortunately, greedy companies understand this fact all too well. Don’t get us wrong, we are avowed capitalists at the Missouri Political News Service; profits are good! We don’t believe those profits should be generated at the risk of our national sovereignty or national security. We bet if you asked most Americans would they pay a little more for lettuce and tomatoes at the grocery store or on their hamburgers, they would gladly do it so that an American could have a decent paying job.

The second argument the open borders crowd use is illustrated in this article in the Kansas City InfoZine. The title of the piece is “Immigrant Students Want In-state Tuition, Legal Status.” Of course, they inadverdently left out the word “illegal” as the first word in the title and put “legal staus” at the end. The article tells the story of an illegal immigrant in Boston who can’t get into the college of her choice because of her immigration status.

Patricia Oliveira, 22, moved to Boston from Brazil when she was 6. She graduated from high school with honors four years ago and is taking one class, her first, at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston.

She stops talking because she has started to cry.

“My friends all have degrees, and I’m still stuck in senior year, trying to get into college,” she said.

This student and her family seems to have done everything we ask of newcomers to the country; study hard, work hard, and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately for them, there is one thing they did not do correctly, and that is enter our country the right way like everyone else. We have compassion for her plight, but she and her parents knew that this day of reckoning would one day come. Ms Oliveira is learning what all adults learn eventually; there are consequences for your actions. In this case, Ms. Oliveira’ parents illegal actions are what is causing her not to pursue her educational goals, not the laws on the books.



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