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EXCLUSIVE: MRP Approves Formation of African American Auxiliary Organization at Summer Meeting | Missouri Political News Service

EXCLUSIVE: MRP Approves Formation of African American Auxiliary Organization at Summer Meeting

June 11th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

MRP Chairman Doug Russell

In an unanimous vote at its summer meeting in Jefferson City last Saturday, the Missouri Republican State Committee approved the formation of an African American auxiliary organization. The new auxiliary will have a similar mission as the College and Hispanic Republican auxiliary organizations – targeting a specific voting demographic for outreach.

The concept for the 501c4 organization was presented to the committee for consideration by African American state committee members’ Dwight Billingsly and John Scates. The organization will officially be known as the Missouri Spectrum PAC. (MOSPAC) We are told that prior to the measure being brought up for discussion and a vote, Party Chairman Doug Russell and Executive Director Jared Craighead, “enthusiastically” endorsed the proposal before the committee.

The Missouri Political News Service has learned that former state representative Sherman Parker (St. Peters) has been named the organization’s Chairman, with St. Louisans’ James Hill and Mr. Willis Corbett named as officers, along with Messrs. Billingsly and Scates. We’ve also been told that future officers for MOSPAC will reflect “gender diversity” and “come from every region of Missouri.”

In a post titled “Why are we here” on his blog, Rep. Parker expressed the following sentiments on the need for the formation of Missouri Spectrum:

“Electing African-Americans to legislative, statewide, and congressional offices are the only way we are going expand the base of the Republican Party. The typical “outreach” approach does not work. No one listens to paid minority consultants or surrogates.

Today’s status quo presents African-Americans and other minorities with the choice between African-Americans/minorities Democrats — many of which are elected officials and have high profiles and who live in and/or have personal support in the community — and a last-minute Republican outreach program of advertisements and non-elected surrogates.”

MOPNS has obtained portions of the power point presentation that was given before the committee. In the presentation, the group calls for “establishing a compelling website” as well as “developing an electronic newsletter.” The Missouri Political News Service will continue to investigate this developing story.



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  • 1 Tawny Brown-Warren // Jul 11, 2007 at 12:26 pm

    Hallelujah! It is about time that someone listed to Representative Parker regarding Republican strategy in the African-American community. Representative Parker has over 15 years of experience in politics. Although Representative Parker has the uncanny ability to relate to diverse socioeconomic populations, he represents the direction of African-American life today; educated, professional, self-confident, and profit-driven. He has often been the lone voice of reason when asked about different strategies the Republican Party should utilize in their outreach efforts related to Afican-Americans. He has stated many times, that African-Americans, as a whole, are a progressive people and we should not underestimate their intelligence by pandering to our sensitivities. It doesn’t work! Instead of listening to logic, the Republican Party of the past chose to throw good money after bad by trusting strategists and consultants that had no vested interest in Republicans making in-roads in the African-American community, other than collecting a hefty check, I am so glad that new Republican Chairman. Doug Russell, has the foresight and vision to utilize Representative Parker’s years of knowledge and experience in the political arena. Representative Parker has carried the brunt of the weight in representing African-American Republicans in Missouri. In addition, he has faced some unwarranted and what I would deem ,”painful”. attacks on his character from both sides of the political isle. It is about time that it is sufficiently rewarded and guaranteed the support of the Republican Party.

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