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Governor Matt Blunt Statement on Supreme Court Ruling | Missouri Political News Service

Governor Matt Blunt Statement on Supreme Court Ruling

May 30th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

“This is yet another example of judicial activism, where a court’s action oversteps the bounds of prudent Constitutional interpretation. This reckless decision could force cities and school districts to raise taxes and subject Missourians to the threat of strikes by critical public sector employees.

Public sector employees are different than all other employees, and taxpayers should not be bound by collective bargaining agreements. I am disappointed in this terrible ruling and will continue to enact policies to ensure that appropriation authority remains in the hands of the legislature and elected representatives, not judges seeking to legislate from the bench.”

According to the State’s argument – to which the trial court originally agreed – the State had precedence on their side in this case. Here’s an excerpt from their judgment:

The Trial awarded judgment for Respondent because well-settled and well-reasoned precedents of this Court, including City of Springfield v. Clouse, 206 S.W.2d 539 (Mo. 1947), preclude Missouri public employers from entering binding collective bargaining contracts.

The Trial Court entered judgment for Respondent because Respondent is a public employer and well-settled law precludes public employers from entering into binding collective bargaining contracts. Although public employees have the right to organize and collectively express their views to their governmental employers through a labor organization of their choosing, they do not have the right to enter into binding contracts with the government regarding matters reserved to legislative bodies. Furthermore, public policy, fundamental principles of democracy and most importantly, the people of Missouri have shaped and supported this prohibition against collective bargaining contracts for decades.

Appellants present no argument compelling this Court to overturn City of Springfield v. Clouse, 206 S.W.2d 539 (Mo. 1947), a long-standing pillar of Missouri law that has been supported, time after time, not only by this Court, but also by the citizens of Missouri and their elected representatives.



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